The author of “Team of Vipers” just made Trump look foolish after Trump claimed he hardly knew him


Former White House aide Cliff Simms got the ultimate free publicity for his new tell-all book, Team of Vipers — outlining the severe dysfunction of the Trump administration in embarrassing detail while he worked there — when President Trump tweeted an attack on Simms credibility this morning.

While Trump’s insults probably helped Simms sell even more copies of his book than he would have otherwise, he nonetheless decided to retaliate against the president’s demeaning characterization of his role in the administration.

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In response to Trump’s portrayal of Simms as a glorified “gofer” whom he “hardly knew,” the former aide posted a series of photos on Twitter that depicted him working right by Trump’s side in the Oval Office.

While the president may regularly sign the front page of the “failing New York Times” for a “low level staffer” for all we know, isn’t it a bit odd that a man that Trump hardly knew was required to sign a non-disclosure agreement as the president admits in his tweet?


It’s almost as if Trump has something to hide.

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Original reporting by Brad Reed at RawStory.

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