Kellyanne Conway’s husband just perfectly torched Trump for whining about new book


President Trump took to Twitter this morning to bitterly complain about the release of Team of Vipers, the umpteenth behind-the-scenes tell-all book detailing the dysfunction and viciousness of the Trump White House, along with the inevitable anecdotes confirming the nation’s suspicions that the president is a sundowning old man whose mental faculties decay quicker with each passing day.

The release of Sims’ book has reportedly made the president “very pissed off” and “really hopping mad” because he “feels duped by a guy who he trusted,” which contradicts his predictable public position that this guy was a meaningless nobody who saw and heard nothing consequential.

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But Sims’ book, like all the others that have come before it, contains some damning stories about Trump. One hilarious anecdote describes how Trump became bored during a healthcare discussion with House Speaker Paul Ryan and instead wandered away to watch television while Ryan was speaking. Other stories detail how the President had trouble grasping the basic nuances of Senate politics

Utterly disgusted with the president and his constant digital whining, the husband of Trump consigliere Kellyanne Conway took to Twitter to torch the president and said the words that are on everyone’s minds every time he opens his mouth:


What more needs to be said about a man who last night tweeted that the historic, life-threatening cold that’s about to pummel the Midwest was evidence climate change wasn’t real?

Join millions calling for AG Barr to resign after he defied his constitutional obligations to protect Trump!

Natalie Dickinson

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