JFK’s nephew just gave Stacey Abrams beautiful advice for her State of The Union rebuttal


With the news today that former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams would be delivering the Democratic rebuttal to President Trump’s newly rescheduled State of the Union address, the man who delivered last year’s Democratic response to Trump’s skewed vision of America chimed in with some advice.

Earlier today, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer revealed that he had invited  Abrams — who narrowly lost the Georgia governor’s race in a contest that was marred by allegations of African American voter suppression by her Republican opponent —to be the Democrat’s spokesperson, and Abrams enthusiastically accepted the honor.

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Congressman Joe Kennedy III (D-MA), who gave the Democratic rebuttal last year, offered some hard learned lessons from his experience following up Trump’s performance on the media stage — lessons that featured practical advice, encouragement, and a bit of self-deprecating humor.

Kennedy’s advice sounds like it would all be helpful for Abrams’ debut on the national stage as a Democratic standard bearer, but many people were left scratching their heads over the suggestion to “Misplace your chapstick.”


The comment was a humorous reference to the public humiliation Rep. Kennedy faced during his speech last year when an overzealous application of chapstick for his dry lips made it appear to many Republican trolls live tweeting his speech that he was drooling while he was speaking.


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While all the right-wing critics focused on the optics of Representative Kennedy’s speech, Democrats found the substance of his rebuttal inspiring.


Hopefully, Stacey Abrams will heed the Massachusetts congressman’s tips and lay off the chapstick —as well as any other potential distractions from the content of her speech — and deliver a message that will overpower the stench of the lies that the President will surely be peddling to the American public in his widely viewed State of the Union address.

As Congressman Kennedy said, all Abrams has to do is be herself and she’ll crush it.

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