Trump just blew a gasket over his ex-special assistant’s embarassing tell-all book (UPDATED)

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President Trump is reportedly livid over the latest behind-the-scenes book entitled, “Team of Vipers: My 500 extraordinary days in the White House written by his former special assistant and Director of White House message strategy.

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Cliff Sims was just an obscure blogger from Alabama before Trump hired him to manage his communications with the American people. Sims went from true believer to disbeliever after spending a year sniping and being sniped at from within the White House.

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Now, the formerly obscure staffer is on an all-out publicity tour touting his detailed tell-all book and Trump has gone from denial to anger about Sims’ role in the White House. Politico reports:

President Donald Trump is “very pissed off” and “really hopping mad” at former aide Cliff Sims’ new book…

Trump is asking aides: “Who is this guy? Why is he writing this book? He wasn’t even in meetings,” the sources said.

But recent reporting indicates that Sims has been living rent-free in Trump’s mind since last November, when he asked other staffers with open concern if, “we lost Cliff.”

According to a new interview with ABC News (video embedded below) this morning, the White House is lying about Sims’ voluntary departure, but he’s not taking the slight lying down.

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Sims said he left the White House to pursue a job at the State Department, though the White House pushed back on that and said that Sims was fired.

“I thought that they might try to set something up like this,” Sims told ABC’s George Stephanopolous, himself a former Clinton White House staffer.

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That’s when Trump’s former message strategist busted out the receipts.

“And I actually brought this, my resignation papers from the White House. ‘Reason for resignation: To pursue another opportunity in the administration’,” Cliff Sims read off the original paperwork he whipped out during the interview. “Here’s what Sarah Sanders said when I resigned, ‘We hated to see Cliff resign from the White House.'”

Notably, Donald Trump hasn’t sent any sent a rage tweet about Sims’ book only hours after this story was published, probably because even though last year he turned numerous inside-accounts of his White House’s dysfunction into smash hits by kvetching about the truth being exposed. (original text struck out)

Trump’s revenge tweets have become his own unique form of self-own porn after he notoriously described himself as a “stable genius” in response to Michael Wolff’s must-read book “Fire and Fury.”

Like all of Trump’s “best people” who spill their guts after their paychecks end, he’s tried to downplay Sims’ significance, though his denials always tend to give his targets media attention to respond rather than minimizing anything, according to Politico:

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Although Trump insists Sims — an Alabama native who previously worked on the Trump 2016 campaign – was never in his inner circle, he “feels duped by a guy who he trusted,” said a person close to the White House.

He also dismissively refers to Sims — who served until last May as director of White House message strategy and a special assistant to the president —as “the videographer” because he also helped Trump with the weekly video and radio addresses, according to three current and former White House officials.

Donald Trump’s leaky White House has mismanaged the country’s affairs for over two years now and his “Team of Vipers” is leakier than a sieve.

Fortunately, we will all find out the sad truth about the White House now that the snakes who’ve left Trump’s employment are looking to cash in with these kinds of books, since government employees can’t be bound to the kind of non-disclosure agreements that previously protected Donald Trump’s abusive form of narcissistic egotism from being exposed previously.

Watch disgruntled former Trump White House official Cliff Sims dish dirt on the President:

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