Gingrich and Ann Coulter just launched into an epic civil war over Newt’s “ass-kissing” of Trump

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Oh, what fun it is to see the right-wing implode into an orgy of infighting in the wake of the government shutdown and President Trump’s failure to leverage it into funding for his useless border wall.

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A major skirmish took place today on Twitter between blond anti-immigrant rabble-rouser Ann Coulter and the former House Speaker Newt Gingrich after the serial adulterer told Fox and Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade that Trump  “should not pay any attention to Ann Counter” in response to a comment that the president was worried about losing support from the cabal of extreme conservative nationalists of which Coulter is a charter member.

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“Ann Coulter’s never run for office,” Gingrich said. “She doesn’t know anything about how you put a majority together. She’s off here on some fantasyland where she gets to be noisy, which helps her sell books,” said the author of several books marketed in similar fashion.

Gingrich’s comments enraged Coulter enough to inspire a Twitter tirade for the ages.

Coulter started with sarcasm.

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Then she moved on to a combination of braggadocio and insinuating insult.

Coulter switched to juvenile, albeit accurately appropriate, humor with the next arrow in her quiver.

She expressed pity for the former congressional leader’s lack of payback for his loyalty to the president with her next volley.

Still fuming, Coulter gave Gingrich a patronizing lesson on the First Amendment next.

Then she went on to deliver a one-two punch, pretending to defend her fellow Republican while slyly cutting him off at the legs.

A return to sarcasm was next in Coulter’s arsenal.

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Just in case any of Coulter’s Twitter followers missed her portrayal of Gingrich as a slavish sycophant with his nose so far up the President’s rectum that he must breathe through his mouth to get sufficient oxygen, she concluded her assault with a barrage of two tweets that hammered the point home in her most vituperous fashion.

The dissolution of Trump’s kitchen cabinet into a pile of brawling bar fighters is a delight to watch. Hopefully, the dissention in the ranks signals the beginning of the end for the Trump administration and its coalition of deplorables as Trump’s base fragments into pockets of warring fiefdoms.

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