Leaked text messages show Trump allies humiliating him behind his back for getting owned by Pelosi


The month-long showdown over President Trump’s border wall accomplished nothing and ended up obliterating whatever little political capital he had left. It’s hard to fully illustrate just how damaging his stubborn wall tantrum truly was to his own political future, but these comments from his own allies and former staffers make it pretty clear how the Republican establishment is feeling about their party’s leader.

“[Speaker Nancy] Pelosi ordered everything off the menu and left Trump hanging with the bill!” wrote one Trump ally in a group text message to other Trump team alumni and staffers obtained by POLITICO.

“President Nancy Pelosi, she runs the country now. We went from indefinite shutdown to down payment, to cave — all within a span of 24 hours” wrote a former White House official, who went on to say that Trump’s fans and White House officials are “furious” and “melting down.”

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Even Republican Senators are beginning to be more vocal about their frustration and disapproval of the president’s behavior. “This is your fault!” raged Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) at Majority Leader Mitch McConnell at a luncheon last Thursday. McConnell fired back with “Do you think I’m enjoying this?”

It appears the GOP is beginning to come apart at the seams as the president, barraged by the double-whammy of his former campaign manager Roger Stone’s indictment by the Mueller probe and his humiliating shutdown loss.

Not only does Trump’s road to 270 electoral votes in 2020 seem much narrower, the prospect of a primary challenge from a slightly less odious Republican is growing more likely with each of the president’s successive disasters.


If the president’s allies and former staffers are being this open about their disgust with his behavior, it’s a clear sign that he’s losing control of the party he hijacked — which will make them all the weaker leading up to what might be the most important presidential election in our nation’s history.

Original reporting by Anita Kumar and Gabby Orr at POLITICO.


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