Trump just made his first tweet about Roger Stone’s indictment and it’s a DOOZY!


The indictment of his old pal Roger Stone yesterday inspired President Trump to new heights of “whatabout-ism” this morning on Twitter as he responded to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s latest arrest in his investigation of the collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia with a litany of stale accusations against the people responsible for initiating the inquiry against him and, of course, Hillary Clinton.

“Sooo many others?” What about the biggest liar of them all? Trump refuses to recognize his own culpability in making mendacity the primary accomplishment of his two years in office as he ramped up his lying to the unprecedented rate of 16.5 falsehoods per day. That’s pathological territory for sure.

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Trump fails to remember that despite the best efforts by Republicans in Congress and the FBI, Hillary Clinton was never found to have done anything that warranted an indictment, unlike the multiple members of his campaign staff, and, possibly, once Mueller wraps up his inquiry, himself.

He repeats his false accusations against former top intelligence community and FBI officials and reopens the discredited conspiracy theories over texts deleted from recycled government phones after the Page and Baker left the FBI. The president then throws in Weiner’s laptop which no one has thought about in years into the mix for good measure as if any of these “whatabout-isms,’ even if there was a kernel of truth in any of them, absolved Stone or himself for their own lies and misdeeds.

At least this tweet of Trump’s was a nice intermission from the endless stream of tweets about the border wall, attempting to portray his miserable defeat at the hands of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats over the government shutdown as a mere speed bump in his road to building the wall rather than the definitive defeat it actually is.


Unfortunately, unless Trump is impeached or Twitter finally bans him for hate speech as they should have done years ago, we’ll have to endure his barrage of tweets every day.

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