Trump and Justice Thomas’ wife just got exposed in a massive abuse of power scandal


While it’s a mystery why anyone would still be seeking jobs within the Trump administration, Virginia “Ginni” Thomas, the ultra-right-wing wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, sought and received a meeting with President Trump last week to push for the hiring of a list of conservative extremist activists she was advocating for.

Ms. Thomas brought along what RawStory described as “a rogues’ gallery of far-right operatives, including anti-immigrant activists Frank Gaffney and Rosemary Jenks along with Connie Hair, the chief of staff to Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX)” after requesting the long-delayed meeting at a dinner she and her husband had with President Trump and his wife Melania  months ago, according to a report originally published by The New York Times. 

The meeting raised eyebrows inside and outside of the White House, where even some people close to the president found it out of line for Ms. Thomas to have asked for a meeting with the head of a different branch of government.

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According to The Times:

“A central focus for Ms. Hair and Ms. Thomas was administration appointments that they wanted made, and that they accused the president’s aides of blocking. People familiar with the situation indicated that the people Ms. Hair and Ms. Thomas wanted hired were rejected for a range of reasons, and in at least one case, someone was offered a job and declined it because the position was not considered senior enough. Another complaint was that Ms. Thomas had not actually shared the full list of people to be hired, said those familiar with the meeting.”

Faced with a bitch-fest of complaints, the president dragged his daughter Ivanka into the meeting room to add his own biggest grievance to the list — that his daughter was being savaged in the press by the “fake news” media.

If you need an idea of just how out of touch Thomas and her band of conservative cronies are, this tidbit from The Times‘ report should help:


“One woman in the group argued that women should not serve in the military because they do not have the physical capacity that men do, according to the people familiar with the events.”

Before we condemn them as completely incorrigible, however, we should point out that at least one person in the group speaking with the president did criticize GOP congressional leaders, saying that they should be “tarred and feathered,” according to a person briefed on the meeting. Now, that’s something worth agreeing with.

That a Supreme Court Justice’s wife thinks she should have any say in the hiring practices of the Executive Branch is bad enough, but Ginni Thomas’ advocacy of a far-right agenda calls into question not only the separation of powers in the government but the impartiality of one of the justices on our nation’s highest court.

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Original reporting by Maggie Haberman and Annie Karni at The New York Times and by Bob Brigham at RawStory

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