The former Director of National Intelligence just explained how Stone arrest implicates Trump in Russia probe

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The FBI just arrested former Trump campaign manager Roger Stone in a dramatic pre-dawn raid and search warrant execution at his waterfront home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida while CNN’s cameras captured everything.

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The Special Counsel’s Office has filed a 7 felony,  24-page indictment which nationally recognized legal and intelligence experts say points the finger at President Donald J. Trump for directing his senior campaign staff to use Roger Stone as a back channel to online transparency organization Wikileaks in July 2016.

Charging documents also highlight Stone’s attempts to obstruct Congressional investigators, intimidate witnesses and lie to Congress as part of a cover-up of his foreknowledge of Wikileaks’ plans to release the emails Russians hacked from the DNC and Clinton campaign.

Mueller’s indictment connects the President and his longtime political confidant to the Russian collusion plot on July 22nd, 2016, when a senior campaign official was “directed to contact Stone” just five days before the then-Republican nominee Trump publicly begged Russia for Hillary Clinton’s emails:

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Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper pointed out on CNN how this passage clearly fingered the titular head of the Trump campaign in coordinating with Russia through Roger Stone. Mediate reports:

“Clearly it does show a connection,” Clapper said, noting this was his personal observation and not a legal one. “Coordination, synchronization, whatever you want to call it.”

Clapper pointed out the “striking parallels and similarities between what the Russians were saying and doing, and what the Trump campaign was saying and doing, particularly and specifically about Hillary Clinton.”

“I think to assert that this has nothing to do with the president, either as a president or as a candidate or the White House, is just silly.”

It’s impossible to understate the importance of Roger Stone’s indictment for lying to Congress because nearly all of his lies relate directly to his two back channels to Wikileaks, who were the recipients of Russia’s hacked emails.

Former Trump campaign chairman Steve Bannon is also heavily implicated in Mueller’s indictment of Stone, who asked Bannon to send him money from his right-wing billionaire patrons, the Mercer family. The CEO of Bannon’s campaign data analysis company, Cambridge Analytica, later met with Wikileaks about the campaign.

Even more damning, “Person 1” aka “birther” conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi, sent Stone written messages indicating that the source of Wikileaks dramatic email dumps were hackers.

The Washington Post reported just yesterday that Stone responded by giving Corsi a hush money gig as a writer at white supremacist conspiracy theory website InfoWars.

Today’s indictment reveals that Stone simultaneously actively intimidated a witness by buying off his other co-conspirator. Stone threatened “Person 2,” the radio host Randy Credico in late 2017 and told him in writing that he planned to steal his emotional support dog.

For a time, Stone’s tactics stalled Credico’s testimony by directing him to plead the 5th Amendment in order to avoid Congressional testimony.

Roger Stone personally told me that he’d been advising Donald Trump for 30 years in an interview just two weeks before Robert Mueller’s appointment to the Special Counsel’s Office in May 2017.

When asked about his role in the Trump campaign after leaving the post of campaign manager in the summer of 2015, Stone revealed that he continued to speak with the candidate about electoral business throughout the campaign, which he refused to tell other news outlets after the President fires James Comey.

Roger Stone’s indictment ties together Mueller’s Russian collusion investigation by implicating multiple senior campaign officials with the people he knew that spoke with Julian Assange.

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Ironically, Stone’s lies and cover up haven’t hidden anything, but instead turned into a virtual roadmap of the Trump campaign’s coordination with Russia to beat Hillary Clinton.

Listen to this exclusive interview with Roger Stone:



Grant Stern

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