February 2, 2023

Trump just went on a delusional bragging spree after the humiliating defeat of his wall bill in the Senate

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President Trump’s descent into utter delusion has continued at a rapid pace as the shutdown drags on into a second month. With the defeat of two dueling government funding bills this afternoon in the Senate, the president called in the media to brag about how, somehow, he had “won” since his bill got more votes for it than against it.


He also seemed to think that this was evidence that Democrats were crossing the aisle and saying that “walls are good.”

The truth is, only one “Democrat” crossed the aisle — perennial backstabber and former Republican Joe Manchin (“D”-WV), who somehow is allowed to vote like a Republican despite every other red state Democrat toeing the party line and voting against Trump.

In fact, six Republicans crossed the aisle to vote with the Democrats to re-open the government without any funding for a border wall while two more Republicans voted against his border wall funding. If anything, it’s clear that it’s Trump’s own party that is beginning to splinter and break as the shutdown drags on — a big difference from the unity they showed two or three weeks ago!

But since Trump loves numbers, and likes it especially when his numbers are bigger than the other team’s numbers, he’s decided that this counts as a “win” for him.

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He went on to make it clear that the ongoing suffering of hundreds of thousands of federal workers isn’t weighing on him one bit as he defended Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross’ comments this morning about how he “couldn’t understand” why workers who haven’t been paid in a month are going to food banks to keep their kids fed.

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Trump dismissed all their concerns with a wave of his hand, telling families who can’t make mortgage payments that these kinds of things “work along and that’s what happens in times like this.”

It is hard to fully put into words how divorced from reality this man is — and just how monstrous his lack of empathy for the people whose lives he’s ruining with his stubborn standoff.



Natalie Dickinson

Natalie is a staff writer for the Washington Press. She graduated from Oberlin College in 2010 and has been freelance blogging and writing for progressive outlets ever since.

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