February 5, 2023

Ted Lieu just proved how Trump committed a felony in his efforts to halt Cohen testimony

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With the news today that former Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen was postponing his scheduled testimony in front of the House Oversight Committee due to the intimidating threats publically made against his family by President Trump, anyone who hadn’t already realized that America was ruled by a felonious mobster with dictatorial ambitions has to face the facts.


Congressman Ted Lieu (D-CA) provided the chapter and verse that proved that the president didn’t need Buzzfeed News to point out his criminal actions in directing his former lawyer to lie to Congress to provide evidence of Trump’s obstruction of justice when the president was committing the crime in plain sight on national TV and social media.

With the new Democratic majority in the House of Representatives, Congressman Lieu is finally in a position to leverage his history as a frequent Trump detractor on social media to use his membership on the House Judiciary and Foreign Affairs Committees to investigate the administration of the man he believes is guilty of a felony.

Rep. Lieu was far from the only person commenting on the president’s witness intimidation aimed at his former attorney.

Adult film star Stormy Daniels — the woman whose illicit affair with Trump Cohen attempted to cover up by paying her hush money payments that he has subsequently said were directed by the president — lambasted Cohen as a coward for allowing Trump’s threats to force him to postpone his congressional testimony for the sake of his family.

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In a furious tweet, Daniels incredulously expressed her anger at what she considered Cohen’s dereliction of his public duty to expose Trump’s criminality for all the world to see, offering to do whatever she could to help him find the cojones to do so. After all, she was also threatened by a Trump thug for trying to tell her story — but she didn’t back down:

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While others were more sympathetic to Cohen’s concern for his family’s safety, the postponement of Cohen’s testimony after Trump’s obvious public threats simply gives Special Counsel one more instance of obstruction of justice to add to the mounting number that the president already faces.

As Congressman Lieu so conveniently pointed out, each of those charges is a felony that could leave the president facing considerably more time in prison than his ex-lawyer will be serving…if he’s ever indicted or successfully impeached. With the evidence available for all to see in plain sight, that time is drawing ever closer.

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