The new Democratic House Judiciary Committee just took aim at Brett Kavanaugh in stunning announcement


On the same day that Justice Brett Kavanaugh cast the deciding vote in the Supreme Court’s decision to allow The Trump administration to temporarily ban transgender troops from the military while cases challenging the ban wind their way through the lower courts, a freshman Congressman on the House Judiciary Committee has said that  the committee will “likely” investigate Kavanaugh for perjury in his testimony during his controversial confirmation hearings last year.

Representative Joe Neguse (D-CO) told his constituents on Friday that if their investigation proves that Justice Kavanaugh willfully lied to Senators during his confirmation process, the House Judiciary committee could move to impeach the newly-appointed justice, according to an article in the UK newspaper The Independent.

The announcement was music to the ears of Democrats who watched helplessly as a Republican-controlled Senate pretended to postpone their confirmation vote until a full investigation of the multiple allegations of high school and college sexual assault by the beer-loving jurist was conducted.

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Senate Republicans and the Trump administration then proceeded to only allow a cursory probe of the accusations that left multiple victims and witnesses uncontacted and not interviewed by the FBI in what many saw as a whitewash before the GOP rammed Kavanaugh’s confirmation through before even all of the documents requested for review could be produced.

Kavanaugh played to the media with a histrionic display of anger and indignation that his privilege as an unassailable white male was being attacked, despite the multiple indications that he had perjured himself not just in his Supreme Court confirmation hearings, but also in his prior confirmation hearings.

Once Kavanaugh’s confirmation went through, the media attention on the charges against him disappeared, but Congressman Neguse did not forget the lack of justice involved in the investigation.


“There’s no question [Kavanaugh] committed perjury during the confirmation hearings and so forth,” Mr Neguse said on Friday. “I think the Judiciary Committee is likely to take that up.”

Let’s hope that Rep. Neguse and his colleagues follow through on that promise and that the full truth behind Justice Kavanaugh’s testimony and his misconduct as a young man emerges.

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Original reporting by Chris Riotta at The Independent.

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