Trump’s Secretary of State just flubbed basic history in embarrassing attack tweet


President Trump vowed to bring only the best and the brightest people into his administration after he was “elected,” but, like the vast majority of his claims, his words have no basis in actual evidence.

The president’s latest Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo — who replaced Rex Tillerson last year after his predecessor called Trump a”f*cking moron,” “dumb as a rock,” and “lazy as hell” — demonstrated that Trump decided to choose a cabinet member more on his own intellectual level when he jettisoned Tillerson.

The evidence, in this case, is a tweet that Secretary Pompeo sent earlier today commemorating the anniversary of the release of 52 American hostages from Iranian captivity during the Iranian revolution that brought down the U.S.-backed Shah.

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It was a tweet that would have elicited little controversy but for the inconvenient fact that Secretary Pompeo’s mangled sense of history led him to send out a completely inaccurate anniversary tribute.

Walter Shaub, the former head of the United States Office of Government Ethics, saw Pompeo’s erroneous tweet and felt compelled to straighten out the facts in his reply.


Indeed, Pompeo must have emulated Trump’s “lazy as hell” work ethic in composing his tweet since a simple web search would have informed him that the Iranian hostage crisis lasted from November 4, 1979, to January 20, 1981, and today marks the 38th anniversary of the release of the hostages, not the 40th.

Secretary Pompeo not only managed to get his mathematical calculations wrong, but he also neglected to mention that while Iran is currently holding a few American citizens under arrest on espionage charges, the U.S. is now holding an Iranian American journalist under arrest without charges.

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The Trump administration’s record in dealing with mathematics remains as horrendous as the calculations behind the Republican tax cut for billionaires that has left America with unprecedented levels of deficit and debt for such a thriving economy. Its record in providing facts is unfortunately even worse.

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