Trump’s “deal” to end shutdown just backfired in humiliating fashion as his base erupts in fury

The extremist right-wing zealots who pressured President Trump into rejecting the stop-gap funding bill passed by the Senate in December because it didn’t contain funding for his border wall — subsequently causing the Government shutdown now entering its second month — are now turning on President Trump as he desperately tries to use leverage he doesn’t have to negotiate a supposed compromise that would still give him the money for the wall.

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Trump held a media event at the White House this afternoon to offer a deal that had already been rejected in advance by Democrats.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Senior Democrats are sticking to their promise of refusing to fund what the majority of Americans see as a huge waste of taxpayer dollars on an ineffective solution to the problems Trump falsely claims are caused by illegal immigration.

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Trump tried to entice the Democrats with an offer to temporarily end his fight to end deportation protections for immigrants covered by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and temporary protected status (TPS) programs in exchange for the full $5.7 billion he has asked for the wall after initially including only $1.6 billion in his 2019 budget request a few months ago.

Trump will now try to shift blame for the shutdown to Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer after proposing a “compromise” that they had already pointedly told him was unacceptable before he formally announced it on TV, refusing to negotiate with the President until he stopped holding the salaries of hundreds of thousands of federal workers hostage.

Even the hint of compromise, even one preordained to failure, sent the acolytes of xenophobia and bigotry into spasms of apoplexy at what they considered a betrayal of the president’s sacred duty toward his white nationalist base.

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One of the right-wing extremists’ most consistent harpies, Ann Coulter, took to Twitter to condemn Trump in real time while the President made his pitch public, despite knowing it would be rejected.

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Another xenophobic Trump-supporting loony — Jacob Wohl, the same man who held a press conference in a failed attempt to frame Special Counsel Robert Mueller for sexual misconduct — compared Trump’s new proposal to that of his unsuccessful GOP presidential rival Jeb Bush.

Conspiracy theorist and Pizzagate promoter Mike Cernovich was also disappointed with Trump’s proposal and saw the political machinations behind the knowingly fruitless offer.

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If anyone still cares what Rep. Steve King (R-IA) thinks — fresh off the stripping of his positions on congressional committees after his much-derided comments defending white nationalism — he predictably also railed against any compromise on immigration.

Trump is now in a lose-lose situation. He knows that he and the GOP are being blamed for the shutdown, and now his base is turning on him for his insincere attempt at compromise in the face of certain defeat. Rather than reopen the government and then negotiating terms of any potential border security legislation, Trump plays more transparent political games and makes federal workers and the nation’s economy continue to suffer.

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Original reporting by Martin Cizmar at Raw Story.

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