Trump just made a head-scratching cheeseburger typo in morning Twitter brag

Yesterday, President Trump hosted the champion Clemson University Tigers at the White House. The event started receiving coverage early in the day when the president gave a weird, rambling description of the food he’d be serving, which he said would include “McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Burger Kings [sic] with some pizza,” and that for some reason he believed it would be “interesting.”

Twitter seized on the bizarre food comments with glee and then went into hyperdrive when the White House began releasing images of the fast food spread, with many seeing the infamously unhealthy Trump surrounded by his favorite junk foods inside a stately room as an irresistible metaphor for his heart attack of a presidency.

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This morning, Trump decided he wanted to talk about the dinner even more. He took to Twitter and bragged about the fact that he paid for the meals out of his own pocket due to the shutdown. Somehow though, he managed to misspell the name of one of his favorite foods, hamburgers, as “hamberders.” Once he realized his typo, he deleted the tweet and sent out a corrected version, but by then the screenshot had spread.

On top of that, the bit about how the football players, all of them grown men, are “big eaters” is a strange observation for the president to making.

Twitter couldn’t resist the urge to mock the president over his blunder.

Oddly enough, Daniel Dale of The Toronto Star reports that Trump seems to be lying about the number of burgers served. Yesterday, Trump claimed he had purchased 300. Then, he told the Clemson players that it was actually 1000 hamburgers. Today, he’s claiming that it was over 1000. Once again, the president has proven himself to be a pathological liar incapable of telling the truth even about something as mundane as this. It would be funny if it weren’t so utterly pathetic.

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Natalie Dickinson

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