February 7, 2023

Burger King just hilariously trolled Trump over his viral hamburger tweet blunder

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One of the providers of the culinary largesse that President Trump bestowed upon victorious football champions the Clemson University Tigers at the White House last night has decided to join the crowd that has been sending mocking tweets after the linguistically deficient president misspelled the incredibly common name of its signature product.


Trump posted a tweet this morning bragging about paying for the fast food feast out of his own pocket due to the government shutdown that is a result of his own refusal to reopen it until he extorts funding for his border wall from Congress. In it, he bizarrely misspelled “hamburgers” as “hamberders.”

Burger King, one of the fast food chains that provided the artery-clogging feast, saw Trump’s new coinage for its meat patty on a bun product and couldn’t resist tweaking the president with a tongue-in-cheek tweet.

The fast-food chain apparently couldn’t keep Trump’s new delicacy in stock after all the free publicity the president had provided for Burger King and the other junk food emporiums in his tweets hyping the feast for the Clemson players — one of the few sports teams willing to visit a White House that has attacked athletes for expressing their political views.

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Trump also made sure that the White House tweeted out pretty pictures of the spread before the beefy athletes hit the table which looked like it held closer to the 300 burgers Trump mentioned in his interview than the 1000 “hamberders” he later claimed in his tweet, unnecessarily exaggerating the numbers to an inflated level as he typically does.

At least Burger King had the courtesy to inform its customers in advance that they were all out of “hamberders,” sparing any hungry Trump or Clemson fans the disappointment of arriving at their local branch only to discover that the rare delicacy was out of stock.

It would not be surprising, however, to see many local burger joints in deep red states start adding the new dish to their menus like they did during the “Freedom Fries” fad.

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