Trump just sent his strangest tweet of the year so far and Twitter users question his sanity


The government is shut down. Federal workers are desperately trying to figure out how to survive without paychecks as bills mount and bank accounts empty. National security is at risk as TSA workers manning security checkpoints at airports increasingly call in sick to take part-time jobs that will actually bring in much-needed cash.

And President Trump is sitting in the White House looking out the window with his phone in his hand tweeting about the lovely view.

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Any other time, any other place, any other president and this tweet would be a quaint and cute wintertime reflection. But, as the president’s Twitter followers let him know, perhaps there were more important things to be focusing on at the moment.


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Perhaps if Trump could share the beauty and majesty of a government reopening on Monday, he would get a few more positive responses to his next tweeted reverie. In the meantime, perhaps reading the comments on his posts will give him an even more accurate picture of his standing in eyes of the American public than any view from his Oval Office window can.


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Vinnie Longobardo

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