Trump just made a bizarre accusation against Democrats in wild Sunday shutdown rant


President Trump did his best Chicken Little imitation this morning as he declared the sky is falling on America’s Southern border in a series of tweets aimed at instilling sufficient fear in the populace to garner support for his border wall and weaken Democratic opposition to granting him the extortion money he’s demanding in order to reopen the government.

He warmed up with an attack on Democrats that tried to weaken their support among Latinos by falsely claiming that they have abandoned the people covered by the DACA program and bizarrely predicting an influx of Hispanics joining the GOP.

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Trump moved on to false promises mixed with a side of racism in his next tweet which pinned the blame for America’s crime rate on the same Hispanics he tried to recruit to his side in his previous tweet.

After walking out on his last negotiating session with Democratic leaders, Trump next tried to portray the other side as the ones unwilling to discuss the shutdown crisis that he himself created, ignoring the fact that his own insistence on winning the battle for the funding of the border wall is the only obstacle to ending the shutdown. He sounds like a little child complaining that everyone else is having fun but him.


Next, Trump tried to make the argument that the many woes that he falsely ascribes to the historically low level of illegal immigration are much worse than the damage that he is causing to the families of unpaid government workers, practically urging desperate federal employees wondering how they will pay their bills to buck up and take one for the team. He again tries to lob responsibility for the Shutdown on the Democrats, refusing once again to take responsibility for his own ownership of the fiasco.

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Trump concluded his latest round of bigotry incentivization with a false claim about illegal aliens and pedophilia.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety there indeed thousands of undocumented people in Texas prisons accused of sex crimes — 3,428 on sexual assault charges and 2,152 on sexual offense charges. However, when you look at actual convictions the numbers drop significantly — 1,689 sexual assault convictions and  1,148 sexual offense convictions.

Moreover, only a fraction of the convictions are for crimes committed against children and the vast majority of sex crimes in Texas are committed by U.S. citizens with only 7% of the total convictions attributed to undocumented persons.


Statistics actually show that undocumented immigrants are considerably less likely to commit crime than native-born citizens.

This concludes President Trump’s vitriolic venting and pathetic propagandizing for this morning. Stay tuned for more of the same every morning for the rest of the hopefully shortened remaining term of his presidency.

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