Ocasio-Cortez just brilliantly schooled a reporter for whitewashing Republican racism


Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) won’t accept vague euphemisms to describe the outrageous remarks made this week by her Republican colleague Rep. Steve King (R-IA) questioning when the terms “white nationalist” and “white supremacist” became offensive.

The progressive firebrand was compelled to correct the softened description of Rep. King’s comments offered by the senior political correspondent of the DC Examiner and CNN political analyst David M. Drucker, who referred to the extreme right-wing congressman’s remarks as “racially-tinged” in a tweet yesterday.

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Rep. Ocasio-Cortez quickly corrected the reporter’s spelling when retweeting his message.

She followed her initial reply with an explanation of her sensitivity to the implications of the choice of certain descriptive terms over others.


Drucker was a receptive audience for Ocasio-Cortez’s linguistic criticism, tweeting back that he appreciated the edit. The congresswoman replied by responding “Thank you for being open. It’s time we call it what it is.”

The freshman representative has been making her presence known on Capitol Hill as a staunch advocate for progressive policies through her active social media presence and hopefully will be as effective in helping to move legislation reflecting her agenda forward in Congress as she is in calling out the moral failures of the Republican party’s most heinous members.


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Original reporting by Tom Porter at Newsweek.

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