Trump just left the Border Patrol mystified with wild, bizarre rant about ancient walls and wheels


One doesn’t expect President Trump to have an intellectual grasp of science or of history, or of much of anything frankly. He demonstrated that he certainly has no knowledge or understanding of the history of prehistoric technology today when he made a series of statements that rank with the most ignorant arguments made by a president who has a long list of statements eligible for that distinction.

CNN’s Jake Tapper noted Trump’s jumbled sense of history as the president tried to characterize his border wall as a tried and true method as essential to national security as the invention of the wheel was to human mobility.

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The idea that the invention of the wheel predated the invention of shelter that consists of a roof supported by walls may have come straight out of Trump’s unique recycling of his fecal matter from his anus to his mouth, bypassing the brain.

It’s difficult to imagine any other reason that the president would confuse the current utility of a long-standing human tool with that of an inadequate security solution in an era where technological advances have rendered a wall an easily surmountable barrier.

If one were cynical enough, one could think that Trump is simply dumbing down his argument for his signature campaign promise by reducing his logic to an elementary school level. Unfortunately, the president seems to actually think in terms this simplistic as another quote from his trip to the southern Texas border today proves.


That the cost of vehicles with wheels and the wheel’s continued use in modern transportation have absolutely nothing to do with the efficacy of a wall that could be easily undermined by ladders and tunnels seems to elude Trump’s unique thought process, if it deserves to be called that.

The very idea that anyone takes a word out of the president’s mouth with an iota of credibility at this point is a sign of the decline of American civilization and the devolvement of intelligent debate into a mere game of disseminating lies more quickly and convincingly than anyone else.

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Luckily, Twitter users devastated Trump’s argument with a rapidity that presented actual facts faster than he could dream up new lies.


When confronted with such malicious idiocy from the President of the United States, it’s easy to feel helpless and defeated. We must remain united in opposition to the forces of fear and hatred that motivate Trump, the Republican party, and their followers and bring their agenda to a grinding halt.

Make your voice heard by calling your representatives and express your opposition to wasting your tax dollars on a useless ego-driven presidential boondoggle and demand that Trump is impeached for his gross incompetence in addition to his damaging criminal behavior.

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