Sanders just mocked Jim Acosta for following Trump to the border and it blew up in her face

The White House may have had to relent and return the press credentials they had yanked from CNN‘s Jim Acosta after the cable news network went to court to press the issue, but there is no doubt that there is still no love lost between Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the hard-hitting Washington correspondent for the network.

Acosta followed President Trump to McAllen, Texas today as the president continued to try to impose his will and his wall upon an American public more impressed with actual facts than with his ill-informed, ill-conceived con job and fear-mongering.

The CNN reporter antagonized the Trump administration by insisting on doing his job of reporting facts rather than regurgitating the toxic soup of lies, paranoia and xenophobia that emerged from the president’s mouth as he continued to hold the livelihoods of government workers hostage to his delusional obsession.

Acosta’s pointing out that Trump’s “national emergency” was a figment of his imagination and a manifestation of his manipulative scheming forced White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to try to come up with a snappy comeback to let the president know that she still has a job despite the paucity of actual press briefings in the past few months.

Sanders’ thanks were as premature as they were sarcastic and frankly false, as the CNN reporter slapped right back with a reminder of the phony accusations that the press secretary had leveled against him through the use of altered video footage that made it look like the correspondent had physically assaulted a White House press aide.

Acosta went a step further with his next tweet, standing on a shuffleboard court adjacent to the open border on the Rio Grande with no fence, wall, barrier, steel slats, concertina wire or dangerous criminal illegal immigrants in sight.

That Trump or any of his White House staff consistently lie to try to accomplish their agenda is a “dog bites man” story at this point with the truth constantly denied, obscured, or ignored as the president rejects facts that prove that immigrants commit crimes at a lower rate than native-born American citizens in order to con America into wasting their tax dollars on his personal obsession.

As a reporter, Jim Acosta has spoken with local residents and has reported the truth of their opinions about their own sense of safety and security — opinions that fall far from what the president wants Americans far removed from the actual southern border to believe.

Sarah Sanders twisting of Acosta’s reporting to make a case that “walls work” is a foolish admission on her part that our current border security is already sufficient as the actual crime statistics — the ones that Trump ignores in favor of his cherry-picked horror stories meant to elicit maximum fear from gullible low-information members of the public — demonstrate. Her attempt to counter Acosta’s reporting blew up in her face and only made his reporting more credible.

No wonder reports of Sander’s difficulties finding a new job are so rampant. Her reputation as a serial prevaricator and her lack of effectiveness in her role are combining with her single degree of separation from President Trump to make her appear as the ultimate in damaged goods on the job market. We may be stuck with her in the White House Press Office for a while longer than we expected.

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Original reporting by Dominique Jackson at RawStory.

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