Ocasio-Cortez just leveled a conservative columnist who dared compare her to Sarah Palin

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) continues to make waves in her first few weeks in Washington D.C., most recently setting off a firestorm of whining and hand-wringing from the right-wing over her proposal to raise the marginal tax rate to 70%.

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Portraying her as a radical and purposefully exploiting the public’s lack of understanding of how marginal taxes work, conservative columnists are in full-blown panic mode at the prospect of a young, charismatic politician openly targeting the ill-gotten and selfishly hoarded wealth of the rich billionaires from whose teats the right-wing media slavishly suckles.

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One such columnist is Iraq War propagandist and neoconservative ghoul Max Boot, who has been working relentlessly to whitewash his warmongering past and ingratiate himself with the credulous liberals who fall over themselves at the opportunity to embrace any conservative who repudiates Trumpism.

While he’s been marginally successful, he couldn’t help letting the mask slip when faced with a democratic socialist woman whose policies threaten the status quo.

In a distastefully condescending op-ed piece for the Washington Post, Boot compared Ocasio-Cortez to former Vice-Presidential candidate and Tea Party matriarch Sarah Palin, attempting to portray AOC as ignorant, an ideological fanatic, and loose with the truth for getting a few statistics wrong and then promptly apologizing for them.

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The majority of the article is spent regurgitating the same tired complaints that the centrist civility nerds and right-wing pundits have been making (“but how will we pay for it???”)  ever since her stunning primary victory, but he lets the cat out of the bag with one telling sentence: “the real problem with Ocasio-Cortez is not how she dresses or where she comes from. It’s that she is an uber-progressive…

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Ocasio-Cortez saw right through his lazy smear and got right to the crux of the matter, hammering him for his efforts to discredit her progressive tax plan (incidentally, one that President FDR would have found to be far too lenient) and for his deliberately offensive comparison of AOC to Sarah Palin.

It is deeply unfair to compare young Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Governor Sarah Palin, who was the ur-Trump of American politics. Unashamedly proud of her ignorance and eager to tell outrageous lies and twist reality to promote her own extremist agenda, she has since turned to right-wing grift since her political career burned out.

Sarah Palin is most famous for lying to the American people about Obamacare’s imaginary “death panels,” a monstrous and entirely preposterous accusation that did enormous damage to the Affordable Care Act’s questionably successful if well-intentioned efforts to expand healthcare coverage to people who desperately needed it.

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To compare a lie of such naked malignance to Ocasio-Cortez’s misunderstanding of the $21 trillion that the Pentagon still cannot account and her desire to use pay for universal healthcare with the trillions of dollars that Max Boot helped ensure were wasted on the cataclysmic invasion in Iraq is appalling.

Of course, Max Boot’s former employer, the thankfully now-bankrupt Weekly Standard, was writing articles asserting that Sarah Palin was right about the death panels as recently as October 2017.

Conservatives and their centrist enablers delight in equating the far-right and the left and using the cruelties and excesses of a Trump to disempower the passion and the empathy of an Ocasio-Cortez. We can’t afford to allow bleating neocon hogs like Boot and Bill Kristol to worm their way into the Democratic Party and suffocate the newly revitalized American progressive left like they did any chance of a stable Middle East in our lifetimes.


Colin Taylor

Managing Editor

Colin Taylor is the managing editor of the Washington Press. He graduated from Bennington College with a Bachelor's degree in history and political science. He now focuses on advancing the cause of social justice, equality, and universal health care in America.

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