Tomi Lahren just tried to smear Elizabeth Warren with a racist conspiracy but it backfired


Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MASS) has become a lightning rod for right-wing mockery and smear campaigns as terrified Republicans desperately work to undermine her and kick the teeth out of her progressive policy platform as she prepares to make a run for the White House.

President Trump and the rest of the jackals in the right-wing media have decided that identity politics is the way to tear her down, mocking her for her admittedly unwise decision to do a DNA test to prove her Native American heritage and attempting to paint her as “racist.”

That much was made clear when FOX’s resident angry white girl Tomi Lahren tried to blast out a ridiculous conspiracy theory against Senator Warren today that alleged Warren had a racist statue in her house that was visible in her recent Instagram beerstream.

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No, she was not seeing this correctly. The picture has been floating around Reddit, 4chan, and Facebook in groups where racist Trump fans joked about her having racist statues in her house.

Lahren, ever the discerning journo, immediately fired it off in a tweet without bothering to make the slightest examination of the original video. Doing so makes it very obvious that it is some kind of pot or vase and not a racist caricature of a black child. 


She quickly deleted it three minutes later — but the internet never forgets.

Lahren and Trump and the rest of the right-wing media can make “Pocahontas” jokes and try to tear her down all they want.

The American people know that Warren has a long track record of fighting against the oligarch class on behalf of working Americans and protecting us from the predations of big corporations, and we know that she will continue to do so from the White House.

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That’s why Elizabeth Warren’s first presidential campaign event in Iowa was filled to capacity and had a line stretching around the block.

Original reporting by Jared Holt at Right Wing Watch.


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Natalie Dickinson

Natalie is a staff writer for the Washington Press. She graduated from Oberlin College in 2010 and has been freelance blogging and writing for progressive outlets ever since.