Trump just kicked off his New Year with an insulting tantrum attack on 4-star general


As the clock struck midnight last night, Father Time handed over the reins to the New Years Baby to mark the passage into 2019. President Trump, unfortunately, kept the reign to himself as the new year began, and he started it off like he has every other day — with an abrasive and vindictive attack on someone he perceives as an enemy.

The target of his ire this morning was retired General Stanley McChrystal, who offended the president by expressing an opinion shared by the majority of Americans during an appearance on ABC‘s This Week on Sunday — that Trump is an immoral liar.

The president lashed back with a vicious personal attack on McChrystal on Twitter, commenting on a retweet of Laura Ingraham’s accusation that the General was shunned by the media until he started criticizing the president.

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Trump’s use of “General” in quotation marks immediately demonstrates his willingness to ignore McChrystal’s 34 years of service and his four-star rank upon retirement in an effort to paint his critic as less than legitimate, a common tactic from a president whose own legitimacy is questionable and whose insecurity about that fact is a primary source of his instability.

Trump’s insult aside, the truth is that General McChrystal officially resigned, rather than being fired by Obama, after an article in Rolling Stone magazine reported that the general — who was then commanding all U.S. forces in Afghanistan — had mocked civilian government officials in the Obama administration, including then Vice-President Joe Biden.


While the article did not quote McChrystal directly, it did quote his aides as asserting his disappointment with Obama. So Trump is, in essence, attacking McChrystal for espousing exactly the same views that he himself was blathering on about throughout the Obama administration, minus the phony birther claims.

Trump’s subsequent insult towards McChrystal is ironically and hilariously self-descriptive. Seriously, who do you first think of when you hear the phrase “Known for big, dumb mouth”? Perhaps, someone for whom the epithet “Hillary lover!” is considered the height of condemnation?

The president’s tweet about McChrystal is akin to Satan calling someone evil. One is not sure whether the appellation is an insult or praise, considering the source. It was only Trump’s inclusion of his ultimate mark of derision — calling the general a Clinton supporter — that tips the reader off to his anger towards McChrystal in the end.

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Judging from how Trump is beginning his 2019, one can assume that he made no resolutions to temper his personality and increase his positivity for the new year. If he did, it did not take him long to break it.

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