Ted Lieu just gleefully danced on the grave of the Republican agenda in epic New Years tweet


Crusading Congressman Ted Lieu (D-CA) knows exactly how his Twitter followers want to celebrate the new year: dancing on the grave of the Republican agenda that voters rejected so overwhelmingly in the mid-term elections — handing control of the House of representatives to a new Democratic majority empowered to reverse the GOP’s most egregious policy disasters and investigate their worst abuses of the power that they’ve wielded while they controlled both chambers in Congress.

Rep. Lieu tweeted out a list of a few of the Republican initiatives that will die with the end of a year that will surely be remembered as the most dysfunctional in Congressional history, at least until next year, if that history is any guide.

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Congressman Lieu’s list would surely have been longer were it not for the limited number of characters that Twitter allows in a single tweet.

Democrats in the House of Representatives are doing more than simply celebrating the end of the wrong-headed GOP agenda, however. The presumed new Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has a full slate of legislation that she intends to shepherd through to passage, including most immediately a series of bills to fund government operations without money for Trump’s precious border wall.

That planned swift move will put the ball squarely back in the court of Mitch McConnell,  his Republican Senate majority. and President Trump as the only remaining barriers to ending the partial closure of many federal agencies.


House Democrats will also be newly armed with subpoena powers to compel testimony from Trump administration officials who have been shielded from scrutiny by their complicit GOP colleagues in dozens of likely investigations of corruption and malfeasance.

All in all, it’s a much brighter New Year for Democrats as Republican priorities die on the vine like late-blooming fruit after a frost, an occasion that Rep. Lieu so appropriately celebrates.

Happy New Year! Happy new Congress and new priorities!

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