Obama’s CIA Director just shredded Trump and gave us all hope for 2019 in scathing New Years tweet


Former CIA Director John Brennan certainly knows how to ring out the old year. In the waning moments of 2018, he turned his thoughts to his most fervent wish for the upcoming year in a reply to one of President Donald Trump’s recent barrage of self-pitying tweets. 

He did not mince his words or even bother to disguise his contempt for the president as he directly called out Trump and his Republican enablers for a legacy of “malfeasance and corruption” that calls the future of America into question.

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The former CIA Director and chief counterterrorism advisor to former President Barack Obama had served in the U.S. intelligence community in every administration since the Clinton era and been a frequent critic of President Trump.

When Trump held a joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki last July Brennan was so incensed that he sent a tweet accusing the president of treason for his betrayal of American interests.


Trump angrily responded by revoking Brennan’s security clearance in a move that was seen by critics as an unprecedented political incursion into the normally non-partisan intelligence community. Trump’s action was slammed by his opponents as reminiscent of disgraced former President Richard Nixon’s use of an enemies list to target his political adversaries.

With each day bringing new revelations about Trump’s criminal behavior in the 17 separate investigations into his actions both before and after assuming the mantle of the presidency, Brennan’s hope that a sufficient number of GOP legislators decide to cut their losses and abandon their defense of an indefensibly corrupt leader is one that’s shared by a majority of Americans judging by Trump’s recent poll results.

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As Trump’s shutdown of the government stretches into its 10th day, the President can only expect those numbers to continue to plunge until he relents to the will of the majority of Americans who oppose his policies and allows Congress to fix the mess he’s created.

Hopefully, enough Republicans will heed John Brennan’s call and bring our nation back from the brink of insanity that Trump has us towards.

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Original reporting by Justin Wise at The Hill.

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