January 30, 2023

White House sources just revealed the reason behind Stephen Miller’s sudden reappearance

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The otherwise inexplicable reemergence of White House Senior policy advisor Stephen Miller as a public face within the Trump administration has been convincingly explained by former administration officials as a result of the functional collapse of the White House communications department which is now on its fifth director since Trump’s inauguration, according to an article published by Yahoo! News.


Miller has suddenly begun to turn up on political talk shows and cable news outlets to defend the president’s holding of government operations hostage until he gets the funding for his border wall, a proposal deemed an ineffective and money-wasting non-solution to immigration issues by security experts with actual knowledge rather than mere racist ideology.

His appearances on CBS‘s Face The Nation to preview Trump’s intransigence on signing a bipartisan bill to prevent a government shutdown and on CNN to scream at Wolf Blitzer about the necessity of the wall that he helped convince the president to support rather than ensure that federal employees get paid, “drew shocked reactions due to Miller’s high volume, extreme positions, and combative tone,” according to Yahoo! News.

With the use of Miller as a spokesperson seemingly so counterproductive to the dissemination of the administration’s agenda, questions as to why he was allowed to represent the Trump regime publicly swirled among political pundits.

The consensus is that the White House communications department has been so decimated and demoralized by the impending departures of senior members of their staff that they have been rendered incapable of conducting the most basic functions of their jobs.

What were once daily press briefings have dwindled and disappeared, while the distribution of the president’s daily schedule — the most simple and fundamental task that the department needs to accomplish — has gone unfulfilled for nearly two weeks.

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Meanwhile, former administration officials describe Miller’s appearances as a Trump surrogate on TV as “a public relations catastrophe.”

“If you’re a comms person, you don’t want to have him out there because every time he goes out, it’s an absolute disaster,” one former White House staffer told Yahoo! News.

“Miller is so awful on TV, it’s counterproductive to put him on,” another ex-official said.

Other former officials are claiming that the only reason that Miller has been placed in the position of defending the immigration policies that he helped craft with his white nationalist sensibilities is that no one in the communications department feels comfortable espousing his detestable talking points.

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“Nobody wants to defend Stephen’s positions, so they stick his ass out there,” a former Trump transition team member said. “Stephen’s in the background telling everyone, ‘Max pressure, max pressure,’ and saying those things are feasible. Everyone who’s actually worked in policy is like, ‘That can’t work, go defend it yourself.’”

The same transition official attributed Miller’s survival in the administration — despite the unmitigated failure of every policy and tactic he has advocated — to one simple factor.

“The boss likes him,” the former transition member said of Miller. “He’s certainly not judged on his policy successes; all he has is failures. … He shows deference and he makes these outrageous policy suggestions.”

Or in other words, Miller combines the attributes of both a yes-man and a court jester in telling Trump what he wants to hear while falling flat on his face in a manner that would be slap-stick funny were it not so tragically dangerous for the nation.

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Besides the understaffing and lack of remaining qualified personnel within the White House communications department, another factor in the failure of the team to present a coherent messaging strategy to the media is the culture of fear that has developed in the White House over the multiplicity of press leaks billowing from an Oval Office with no shortage of negative anecdotes to slither between the widening cracks of an administration in total disarray.

“There’s this fear factor with this whole leaking thing,” one former staffer said. “Now no one talks to the press except to leak.”

Another former official described the difficulties Trump will have in replacing his departing press flacks in a devastating evaluation of the appeal of a job defending the president’s untruthful messages and erratic behavior to the media.

“No professional in good standing will even interview for a job.” The former White House official said, adding, “It’s a zombie comms shop. Night of the living dead.”

The horror film comparison works equally well in describing the perception of much of the American public as they view what their government has become under Trump’s incompetent and morally bankrupt leadership. Faced with the amalgamation of fear-inducing creatures with which the Trump administration is now populated, the most logical reaction is same as the title of a classic 1968 Japanese horror flick starring Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters!

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Original reporting by Hunter Walker at Yahoo! News.

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is the Managing Editor of Washington Press and a 35-year veteran of the TV, mobile, & internet industries, specializing in start-ups and the international media business. His passions are politics, music, and art.

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