Trump just made a ridiculous tweet about Barack and Michelle Obama’s home in his fit over his “wall”


He gets more desperate every day that the Trump government shutdown continues.

While that statement could apply to most of the federal workers suddenly and thoughtlessly deprived of their paychecks due to President Trump’s childish insistence on playing brinkmanship games with Congress over funding of his irrational boondoggle of a border wall, it also perfectly describes Trump’s behavior as expressed through his Twitter feed.

Realizing his foolish mistake in publicly claiming ownership of the shutdown after being outmaneuvered by Democratic leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) in a meeting televised at his own request, Trump has tried to rebrand the shutdown as the Democrats’ fault, calling it the #SchumerShutdown and sending surrogates on to cable news shows to fan the flames of border security paranoia.

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Practically every tweet he sends lately that isn’t denying collusion with Russia or deriding the Mueller probe as a “Witch Hunt” is aimed at convincing an American public that the border wall isn’t the type of con that he’s pulled countless times before — except this time the victim of his three-card monte scheme will be the entire nation rather than just an individual investor or unpaid contractor.

If Trump can ever be described as hitting a new low — a tough feat for someone whose every day can be a new excursion into the furthest depths of the Mariana trench — he did so today with a tweet that tried to leverage his base’s distaste for his predecessor in the White House to drum up support for his idiotic border security solution.


Trump fails to point out the fact that public figures like former President Obama and his family receive lifetime Secret Service protection, something particularly necessary after Trump’s ludicrous birther claims inflamed the more racist portions of the population to unprecedented levels of violence. After the Obama’s purchased their Washington DC home, Architectural Digest described the property as undergoing  “last-minute mandated security upgrades” in their article on the renovations.

The fact that the 10-foot fence around the Obama’s home was designed to make the Secret Service’s job easier belies the reality that it is no different than the fences seen around other private homes in toney urban environments and would be easily scaled by anyone willing to be confronted by armed security personnel as this picture so adequately demonstrates.

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The logical conclusion of President Trump’s argument that America as a country needs the same type of protection as the Obama family for their safety would mean that every person in the country would be assigned their own 24-hour Secret Service detail.

Perhaps Trump is implying that anyone whom he relentlessly attacks with false accusations will need to be protected, and he is trying once again to convince Mexico to pay for a wall to protect its inhabitants from people driven by his hate-filled rhetoric to assault them.

Otherwise, he’s going to need to ask for a whole lot more than a few billion dollars to hire all those new secret service agents that each of us will need by his logic.


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