The ex-commander of NATO just publicly slammed Trump for his Iraq trip behavior


President Trump thought he was going to score an easy PR win when he abruptly departed the White House on Christmas night to travel to Iraq, where he visited with U.S. troops stationed at the al-Asad airbase. But once again, his inability to not use any public appearance as an opportunity to wage his endless feuds and to attack his political enemies is earning him some harsh criticism.

Barely hours after the contributors on FOX’s Outnumbered slammed the president for disrespecting the troops during his visit, the former commander of NATO, Gen. Wesley Clark, torched President Trump for politicizing his visit to Iraq and attacking his political rivals in front of the armed forces.

“I’ve never heard any other commander in chief, when he goes abroad and sees the troops, talking naked partisan terms about his domestic opponents in the United States. It’s the United States Congress and the people of the United States who are supporting our armed forces. They don’t belong to him. They belong to the people of the United States!” raged Clark during a panel discussion on MSNBC Live.

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“It would be much more appropriate if he would show respect for the Constitution and the way we’re structured, as opposed to making everything a political statement on his behalf” continued the general.

Among other things, the President referred to the United States as “suckers” for continuing to have troops deployed overseas, attacked the Democrats for refusing to bow to his unreasonable border wall demands, and lied to the troops about how big their annual raise was going to be.

It’s clear at this point that Trump is never going to behave “presidential” or leave his hyperpartisan aggression to the side. But it says a lot when a military man of Clark’s stature is publicly denouncing the Commander-in-Chief for his appalling behavior.


Original reporting by Joe Concha at the Hill.

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Natalie Dickinson

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