Trump just used a national Christmas message for a disgusting attack on America

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Christmas morning for most people in America consists of eagerly waking up with the family to run to see what presents lay waiting under the decorations on the yuletide tree, a nice holiday breakfast, followed perhaps, if you’re a devoted follower of a Christian religious tradition, by a trip to join your community in worship services on one of the holiest days of celebration of the year.

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Not for the President of the United States.

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Donald Trump’s Christmas morning today consisted of a televised harangue.

Having had to cancel his planned Mar-a-Lago resort vacation due to the government shutdown he so cavalierly and stubbornly imposed by refusing to sign a funding bill in which Congress refused to waste $5 billion for his wasteful and unnecessary border wall, Trump was stuck in the White House brooding over his perceived enemies.

Speaking with the unfortunate White House press corps who had to forgo a cozy Christmas morning with their families in order to record the rantings of a president insistent on portraying himself as unjustifiably besieged by his critics, Trump performed his poor man’s version of a Rodney Dangerfield routine for the cameras.

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He railed against Democrats whom he claimed hated James Comey until the point he fired the former FBI Director and then became Comey’s biggest defender, confusing his opposition’s defense of the rule of law with support for every action that the ex-FBI Director took during his tenure, and attacking their principled stance as a personal vendetta against him.

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Trump was so busy wallowing in paranoiac self-pity that he failed to see the absurdity of his sudden pivot from the concluding line of his jeremiad to a Christmas message that seemed so insincere due to its being appended to such a bilious preface.

Even reading the words that Trump spoke elicits a chortle at the sheer incongruity of what seems like a line written by a Saturday Night Live staffer for Alex Baldwin to read in character as the president in one of the program’s cold opens.

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“It’s a disgrace what’s happening in this country. But other than that, I wish everybody a merry Christmas,” Trump actually uttered unironically.

His words were the very essence of a Christmas holiday under the Trump regime, filled with vitriol and malice, yet wrapped in a perfunctory concession to civility at the end that did nothing to mitigate the intimations of Anti-Christ-like values that preceded them.

Merely describing the scene is not enough. You have to see and hear it for yourselves, which you can do in the clip attached below.

Other than this, Merry Christmas and happy whatever other holiday tradition you may follow!

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