Trump just sent out a pathetic, self-pitying tweet that exposes how miserable he’s made himself


There’s no room at the inn in Donald Trump’s mind since it’s so filled with visions of sugarplum construction workers building his border wall, a wall as imaginary as Santa’s rapidly melting North Pole workshop.

With the government shutdown keeping Trump in the White House instead of playing golf at his Mar-a-Lago resort, the president has been expressing his seasonal affective disorder in a furious and increasingly deranged series of self-pitying tweets about his beloved wall and those “crazy” Democrats who refuse to give him the only Christmas present he really wants.

He started with an incomprehensible explanation of how his wall differs from the money Democrats have offered to support to pay for increased border security and a convoluted plan to completely build his white elephant project with “Shutdown money” (whatever that means) and “funds in hand,” presumably reallocated money that Congress authorized for other purposes that he has no right to arbitrarily redirect to his obsession.

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Trump’s claim of inaccurate reporting is somewhat laughable coming from the man that The Washington Post fact-checkers had to invent a whole new category for in order to properly describe the scope of his lies.

Trump’s audacity in mentioning wasted dollars is particularly rich considering the estimated $84 million the president has spent on his golf trips alone since taking office.


The pathetic president dived head-first into self-pity with his next wall-related tweet, whining and stamping his feet over the Democrats’ refusal to allocate money for an unnecessary and ineffective border security solution.

Again walking back his declaration of being “proud” to shut down the government over the wall, Trump self-centeredly invites the nation to feel sorry for him sitting alone in a White House made emptier by the government employee furlough of his own making.

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Trump’s imaginary financial calculations on the cost of the shutdown amount to someone saying “refusing to buy this dead horse will cost more than burying it.”

At the very least, President Trump made one true statement in his latest set of piteous, wall-related Christmas eve tweets.


Not that the president bothered asking, but all we want for Christmas is his resignation or the invocation of the 25th amendment.


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