Trump just desperately played the blame game as the stock markets crash around him


As the stock market continued a plunge exacerbated by an ill-advised tweet by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, President Trump continued to search for anyone besides himself and his administration’s trade wars, tariff policies, and government shutdown to blame for the precipitous decline in the nation’s financial fortunes.

As usual, Trump engaged in a game of projection where he attributes his own greatest faults to the target of his ire, in this case, the board of the Federal Reserve, the country’s central bank.

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Of course, in Donald Trump’s distorted reality field only Trump has the “feel” and “understanding” of the economy that can save us, as most wanna-be authoritarians claim. The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, a body comprised of four Republican appointees and one Democratic appointee and two current vacancies, are recruited from the most accomplished bankers and economists in the nation.

How could they possibly have the feel or expertise to match a president who has been responsible for six corporate bankruptcies in his illustrious business career and whose consistent visits to his golf resorts keep his putting skills in tip-top shape?

In truth, the only problem our economy has is Donald Trump and his ignorant and irresponsible stewardship of our economy and our country. He may have a touch, but it’s the touch of a sexual molester who is a leper to boot. He needs to resign and spend his life puttering away in prison.


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