April 1, 2023

Senator Corker just responded to President Trump’s vicious tweets with an epic slam

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Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) was the victim of a vicious Twitter assault by President Trump earlier today after the retiring Senator had the audacity to question the wisdom of the president’s ill-considered decision to ignore the advice of his advisors and intelligence experts and commit to withdrawing American troops from Syria before the approximately 30,000 remaining ISIS fighters in the country are contained.

Trump’s vituperative attack on a departing senator from his own party was particularly cowardly especially given that Trump failed to similarly berate the multiple other GOP leaders who questioned the wisdom of his delivering another favorable foreign policy decision to Vladimir Putin as a holiday gift.

Then again, among Trump’s most vocal critics on the issue, only Corker will be leaving the Senate at the end of this year and therefore won’t have a vote on any possible impeachment proceedings against the president, so Trump saw no need to curry favor.

Corker, nonetheless, decided to retaliate for the president’s ferally illiterate and slanderous posts on the Twitter battleground by fighting the president on his own territory.

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He only needed one sentence and an appropriate hashtag to put Trump’s libelous comments in their proper perspective.

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Touché, Senator Corker!

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Unfortunately, given the turnover in White House personnel lately, it’s unclear if there is anyone still actually staffing the Daycare desk in the Oval Office any longer.

A more effective solution would be to move the president to a federal residential facility better suited for criminally-minded individuals with dubious mental stability where the nice young men in their clean white coats can come to take him away.

Certainly, when presented with this option, Senator Corker will respond with the appropriate reaction: Ha-haaa!

(Apologies to Napoleon XIV.)

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