Trump just stunned the nation by tweeting bizarre video of him singing


President Trump reminded the public today that he’s no better at singing than at being president.

His painful memory jogger took the form of a clip of himself singing a duet with actress Megan Mullally of the theme song from the old TV chestnut “Green Acres” at the 2005 Emmy Awards which he included in a tweet announcing his signing ceremony for the Agriculture Improvement Act farm bill.

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Listening to Trump’s tuneless bleating was almost as painful as the idea that the president thought that anyone was anxiously counting the minutes to his signing of the $400 billion dollar legislation which reauthorizes agriculture and conservation programs.

No one was more embarrassed by the exhumation of this dreadful moment of television history than Megan Mullally herself who responded with tweets of her own that clearly demonstrated her shame at having a memory like this resurrected from the place in her brain where she stores her most reviled repressed traumas.


One does have to admit that the idea of Trump leaving the big city life of Washington DC for a life on a farm is quite appealing at this juncture in his administration.

As long as it’s a prison farm.

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