December 6, 2022

Fox & Friends just threw a sad and whiny tantrum over Pelosi’s refusal to pay for Trump’s wall

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The President’s most obsequious friends in the media just had their minds blown on live TV (video below) by incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s “stunning” legislative stratagem, which also unfolded on live national television.


Last week, Speaker-elect Pelosi and Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) held a meeting with President Trump in the Oval Office, which he invited the media to broadcast, leading to the implosion of his wall building pipe dreams.

Even the GOP’s current congressional majority refuses to start another Trump Shutdown over a border wall and his favorite morning propagandists at Fox & Friends just had to admit that Pelosi positively cleaned Donald Trump’s clock:

Steve Doocy: “[Trump] loses and the Democrats will win everything they want.”

Ainsley Earhardt: “So some are wondering if this is a win for Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer?”

Doocy: “Yes! She was right!”

“What a stunning turn of events,” Doocy explained to the viewers his network usually deceives in a monologue delivered in apparent disbelief that Donald Trump’s undisciplined wall-mania could lead to chaos.

“Remember that it was just last week the President of the United States was in the Oval Office with ‘Chuck [Schumer] and [Rep.] Nancy [Pelosi]’,” Doocy continued, laying out the rapid implosion of the GOP’s last weeks with a House Majority, “and [Trump] said ‘I would be proud to shut down the government, building the wall is worth shutting down the government.’

“Now,” Doocy lamented, “it’s like, ‘we’re looking at other departments for the money.’ If he agrees to the CR which would continue funding the government at current levels, he won’t get 1-point anything for the wall…”

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CR is a political abbreviation for a “continuing resolution” which is a bill in Congress that extends government funding at current levels.

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) filed that CR today, aiming to put an end to this year’s futile attempt by the President to foist his wall boondoggle onto American taxpayers after Trump spent his entire campaign lying to his base with the nonsensical claim that Mexico would pay for the useless border wall.

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Republicans only plan to fund the government through February 8th, 2019.

Of course, the only viewer Fox & Friends speaks directly to during the broadcast noticed Doocy’s rant, and typically, Trump hopped onto Twitter to complain, dishing out a backhanded compliment that “Democrats will fight to the death” to prevent his wall from being erected.

Speaker-elect Pelosi perfectly positioned the political trap for Donald Trump and his wall obsession just by mentioning the looming “Trump Shutdown” at just the right time. Even the Republican Party’s worst enablers had to give credit where credit is due to Nancy Pelosi for devastating Donald Trump in close quarters political combat to save the country from the president’s delusions.

Watch the entire exchange below:

Grant Stern

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