Trump just threw a wild tantrum at social media companies for deleting all the Russian bots


President Trump, having clinched the presidency thanks to a plethora of Russian bots pumping propaganda across multiple social media platforms, is now biting the hand that elected him.

Attacking the powerful tech companies that control the majority of social media interactions in this country, the president once again demonstrates his ignorance and his failure to live a reality-based existence.

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Trump puts the chicken before the egg in claiming that social media platforms are biased against him, especially since polls show that the majority of Americans disapprove of his performance as president. Given that social media algorithms reflect the sentiments of the users of each platform, it’s therefore not surprising that the majority of posts would reflect that disapproval.

Trump’s specific complaints about his favorite social media service, Twitter, removing many of his followers are particularly ironic. After the still-ongoing investigations into the scandal of Russian social media hacking by state-paid intelligence squads to create millions of phony accounts to propagate pro-Trump memes and fake news stories, Twitter was forced by public outrage in July of this year to delete tens of millions of illegitimate accounts. Facebook, Instagram, and other social media companies were also forced to make similar deletions of fake accounts.

Trump’s shrinking number of followers must be damaging the president’s fragile ego sufficiently enough to inspire this morning’s semi-literate tweet outburst. His emphatic,  poorly-worded complaint that “They have acknowledged-done NOTHING!” leaves readers scratching their heads wondering exactly what the president means.


Is he accusing Twitter of purposely sabotaging the ability of people to follow his rants on their platform and denying doing it? Is he absolving them of blame through their acknowledgment of doing nothing? Or is he merely creating another false distraction from his cascading legal disasters that has the added benefit of encouraging another new conspiracy theory for his followers to parrot as an excuse for his demonstrably declining appeal?

Trump’s tweet in this particular instance seems to indicate that he not only uses the platform for disseminating purposefully false claims and outright lies but that he is genuinely self-deluded as well. It’s yet another item to include on the long list of ideas and behaviors that argue strongly for the invocation of the 25th amendment.

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