The stunning details of Flynn’s sentencing today were just released and Trump should be terrified

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The disgraced, tattered husk of the man known as Michael Flynn finally faced a judge today for sentencing in relation to his guilty plea that he lied to the FBI about his contacts with the Russian ambassador in 2016.

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The former-general-turned-crook who served dishonorably as President Trump’s National Security Advisor has become one of the major flash points in the public opinion war over the Mueller investigation.

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Most rational Americans see him as a common criminal, but Trump supporters insist that he was railroaded into lying to the FBI so that they could indict him on trumped up charges. Some of the more unhinged MAGA types are even throwing around the idea that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has suggested no jail time for Flynn as a form of apologizing for the way he was treated by FBI. Of course, the far more likely reason is that Flynn has completely flipped on his former co-conspirators and cooperated to such a degree that he’s earned some leniency.

Now that details from today’s sentencing are trickling out, it’s becoming quite clear that Flynn is very bad news for the Trump administration.

CNN‘s Manu Raju has been reporting on the proceedings via Twitter. Raju says that Flynn has destroyed Trump’s claim that he was tricked by the FBI. Flynn admitted that he was aware that lying to the investigators was a crime when he did it and that he does not wish to rescind his guilty plea. Flynn’s lawyers specifically told Judge Sullivan that Flynn was not “entrapped.”

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HuffPost’s Ryan J. Reilly is also reporting on the sentencing and offered additional insights. He says Flynn bluntly admitted that he was guilty in court today, offering no equivocation. 

The government stated that Flynn has assisted their investigation and already provided the “vast majority” of the cooperative information they expected to glean from him. What exactly this cooperation entailed is still unclear, but it should be enough to make President Trump start sweating.

Judge Sullivan went on to ram home the seriousness of Flynn’s crimes repeatedly before dropping the bombshell line: “Arguably, you sold your country out.” The stark articulation of the sentiment should dispel once and for all any absurd argument that Flynn is a patriot. In reality, he is nothing more than a self-interested goon. The judge also said he has “disdain” for Flynn’s crimes and that he can’t promise he won’t see jail time, this despite Mueller’s suggestion.

The judge even floated the idea that Flynn had committed actual treason by lying about his contacts with Russians, but the government apparently didn’t want to go down that road, according to Reilly.

There was then a brief recess.

Reilly reports that after the break was over, the judge decided to temper some of his earlier rhetoric, specifically stepping away from the topic of treason.

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Judge Sullivan returned to the fact that Flynn broke the law on White House grounds.

Reilly, clearly shocked, then tweeted out that Flynn’s lawyer sought to delay sentencing. The judge in turn acquiesced and sentencing will resume in March. It’s unclear why, but what is apparent is that the saga of Michael Flynn, and the damage it’s inflicting on the Trump White House, is not yet over.

Natalie Dickinson

Natalie is a staff writer for the Washington Press. She graduated from Oberlin College in 2010 and has been freelance blogging and writing for progressive outlets ever since.

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