Advertisers just began fleeing FOX’s Tucker Carlson after his worst white supremacist rant yet

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Fox’s Tucker Carlson went full Nazi last Friday night on his prime-time program and advertisers are fleeing his program in droves after his most disgusting anti-immigrant rant yet.

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The Daily Caller‘s founder said on his show that immigrants would leave America “dirtier and poorer” in a screed against people from Central America fleeing the violence and instability that our country’s failed drug war and reprehensible Latin America foreign policies have created.

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That kind of rhetoric is common among white supremacists and was used by the Nazis to dehumanize Jews during the Holocaust. In case you needed any more proof, neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer gleefully celebrated the segment in a disgusting piece literally comparing immigrants to rats.

Pacific Life was the first major corporation to ax their ads in Tucker Carlson Tonight, and today, ten more major sponsors abandoned ship after the offensive host tripled down in a written column. Here’s a list of the first seven from‘s Jordan Uhl:

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The United Explorer credit card, apparel maker ScotteVest, and TD Ameritrade all jumped ship from Carlson’s show in just a few hours since Uhl’s tweet was sent.

On top of IHOP, the “Just for Men” hair club, Zenni Optical and Land Rover along with Minted,, and retirement company Voya Financial, all dumped Tucker Carlson today, in addition to Bowflex, Nautilus,, NerdWallet, and the aforementioned PacLife.

Tucker Carlson has become the latest Fox News program to face a major advertising exodus in just the last two years after his predecessor, the sex predator Bill O’Reilly, lost his job after multiple multi-million dollar sexual harassment suits were made public.

At one point, half of Bill O’Reilly’s advertisers fled in just a single week. It got so bad, that just before the end Fox had to bizarrely end his program 15 minutes early for lack of advertisers.

Laura Ingraham’s hideous 10 pm program on Fox News lost dozens of advertisers one year after O’Reilly’s show folded when she openly mocked Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg only six weeks after the entirely preventable massacre claimed 17 students and teachers at the hands of a monster armed with an AR-15 assault weapon.

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Ingraham’s show dipped to just a few minutes from the standard 15 minutes of nightly advertising at the height of the advertiser boycott before rebounding to 10 minutes and 50 seconds including unpaid Fox promos as of late, but without the blue chip brands that used to pay top dollar to be in her 10 pm time slot.

Donald Trump’s obsequious best buddy Sean Hannity has survived multiple rounds of sponsor departures last year in the wake of his conspiracy theories about a murdered DNC staffer and later his support for the pedophile Roy Moore for Senate in Alabama, which led to an additional 17 departing advertisers. (Unfortunately, some have returned.)

But Hannity has ceased trafficking conspiracy theories about the unsolved murder case since then, and publicly apologized to Keurig by giving away 500 of their coffeemakers after they left, which shows that boycotts do work in modifying the behavior of Fox’s pack of outrageously paid, mendacious dissemblers.

Watchdog organization Media Matters has led the charge against Fox advertisers to the point where Murdoch’s managers are blaming the media watchdog for their mounting financial losses.

Now that Carlson has finally sparked an enormous outrage for his normalization of white supremacist rhetoric, we hope that the rest of his remaining advertisers will finally put him out of America’s misery by canceling their support of his program permanently.

Grant Stern

Editor at Large

Grant Stern is a columnist for the Washington Press. He's also mortgage broker, writer, community activist and radio personality in Miami, Florida.

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