Rudy Giuliani just had a meltdown on Fox News Sunday over the worst week of Trump’s presidency

We knew that former New York City mayor and current presidential attorney Rudolph “the Brown-nosed” Giuliani was extremely close to President Trump. Who knew, however, that he’d be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for his bosom buddy?

There Giuliani was, sitting in front of the cameras on Fox News Sunday, offering Special Counsel Robert Mueller the exact solution he needs to get Trump to finally sit down for an interview with the investigators looking into the countless allegations of corruption, collusion, conspiracy, self-dealing, and justice obstructing of which the president has been credibly accused.

As the television version of a legal mouthpiece for Trump, Giuliani made it perfectly clear how to enable just such an interview with the President:

“Over my dead body,” he declared. “But you know, I could be dead,” Giuliani continued, in a statement that will only further encourage the multiplicity of tweets comparing the former federal prosecutor to a ghoulish vampire.

The ex-mayor, who skated by for years on the notoriety he gained by happening to be in office during the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York, betrayed his legacy as a federal prosecutor with his criticism of the Mueller probe and of his successors in the Justice Department’s office of the Southern District of New York.

He called the Special Counsel’s office “a joke” and claimed that the FBI trapped Trump’s disgraced former national security adviser Michael Flynn “into perjury.”

“I am disgusted with the tactics they have used in this case,” Giuliani said. “What they did to General Flynn should result in discipline. They’re the ones who violated the law. They’re looking at a non-crime, collusion.”

Giuliani’s protestations notwithstanding, Flynn’s guilty plea admitted to a crime that is actually written into federal law and was accepted by a federal judge who presumably knows enough about the law to recognize a criminal act when they see one.

While one may not expect President Trump to be cognizant of the basic principles of criminal procedure — outside of blithely committing offenses — a lawyer like Giuliani surely knows that properly executed search warrants do not constitute a “violation of the law” and any suggestion otherwise is merely desperate and laughable spin from a man paid handsomely to continue to spread doubt and misinformation for his increasingly cornered client.

Giuliani went practically apoplectic as host Chris Wallace corrected his multiple attempts at spreading further obfuscations of the incriminating facts revealed over the past week, including the corroboration by the publisher of the National Enquirer of Trump’s personal involvement in felony campaign finance violations involved in paying off his extra-marital sexual affairs.

Simply describing Giuliani’s mendacious performance does not do justice to the spectacle he performed.

You can watch the entirety of Rudy Giuliani’s public display of defense by televised meltdown in his interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday in the video below.

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Original reporting by Michael Burke at The Hill.

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