September 26, 2022

Ana Navarro just destroyed a Trump supporter for demanding she show respect to Trump [WATCH]

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The arrogance of the Republican surrogates who are brave enough (or, more likely, paid enough) to sign up for ring time on networks like MSNBC and CNN and defend President Trump is simply stunning to behold.


Investment ghoul turned Trump-loving talking head Steve Cortes joined GOP strategist Ana Navarro and CNN host Chris Cuomo tonight on Cuomo Prime Time and had the nerve to try to chastise Navarro for referring to the president as a “rat.” 

Navarro had rightfully pointed out that the President was surrounded by “rats” like lawyer Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort because he was himself a rat. Trump’s entire career has been spent lying, stealing, and backstabbing everyone around him — his family, his customers, the government, and the people who work for him — in order to get ahead and make a quick buck.

Cortes took issue with that, and complained that Navarro was being very “disrespectful” to Trump. “Enough of that smearing and name calling. We can talk about this like adults” bristled Cortes, who suddenly was a major defender of civility on behalf of a man who has insulted more people on a weekly basis than most presidents do their entire term.

Navarro did NOT take kindly to that, and absolutely let him have it in a fiery and curse-filled rebuttal:

“Tell you what, Steve when you tell the president to stop calling black athletes sons of bitches, when you tell the president to stop calling Maxine Waters and other congresspeople dumb as rocks, when you start telling the president to stop insulting Don Lemon and LeBron James and people like me, then maybe, maybe, maybe I will listen to you. But until you do that, don’t come here and lecture me on how I should talk.”

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When she joked about it later on Twitter, Navarro pointed out that all the cursing was just her quoting our foul-mouthed president himself.

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While Cortes still tried to civility-splain to Navarro and complained that she was being “insanely disrespectful,” Navarro shot back that she reserved the right to talk that way about the President after the disrespectful way he has spoken about people of color, saying that “I judge him on separating children at the border. I judge him on calling African countries sh*tholes. I judge him on saying that Haitians have AIDS.”

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The president has indeed said all that and much, much worse about everything under the sun — with the glaring exception of those who deserve it, like Nazi murderers at Charlottesville or Saudi murderers in Istanbul.

Nobody who defends Trump has any room to stand on when it comes to empty appeals to the political civility that the president has strapped to the back of the Trump train and dragged deep into the swamp.

Watch the whole clip here:


Natalie Dickinson

Natalie is a staff writer for the Washington Press. She graduated from Oberlin College in 2010 and has been freelance blogging and writing for progressive outlets ever since.

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