Trump’s Intel Committee nemesis just brutally roasted him with hilarious “help wanted” ad


Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA) attempted to help President Trump in his search for a new Chief of Staff today after Trump’s number one choice, Vice President Pence’s current Chief of Staff Nick Ayers, turned down the position over the weekend.

Representative Schiff, the incoming chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, took to Twitter with a job description for the role of the president’s most important aide that was brutally honest and is unlikely to attract the caliber of candidate that any other president would have flocking to their door.

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Schiff’s parody of what a genuinely true depiction of the day to day experience that the White House Chief of Staff would have to endure in this administration is unfortunately so close to the actual truth that it hardly classifies as satire.

While Trump continues to claim that he has a surfeit of qualified candidates for the role, White House insiders have anonymously told reporters that Trump was surprised by Ayers’ decision to reject the job and had no real Plan B to fill it, leaving the president scrambling to find new candidates and defensively tweeting accusations of “fake news” over the debacle


As Congressman Schiff’s tweet suggests, masochistic candidates with questionable backgrounds are the only people likely to board the S.S. Trumptantic as it sails as quickly and aimlessly as an under-staffed vessel can in a sea of icebergs that have already punctured its sides as it rapidly takes on water.

Trump promised that his administration would contain “only the best people.” Reality has proven that this particular promise is as worthless as anything else that spews forth from the president’s mouth.

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