A top intel Dem just brutally roasted the #2 House Republican for trying to stop Mueller probe

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A GOP leader of the Benghazi witch hunts just went on Fox News to beg House Democrats to spare Trump from his anticipated death by a thousand subpoenas.

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Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) dismissed the incoming House Republican minority leader Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) pathetic plea to preserve President Trump’s kleptocracy in just seven words.

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House Republicans’ desperation is beginning to sink in just a month after the Blue Wave election ended their eight-year run in the majority in emphatic fashion by flipping at least 40 seats, with an election that North Carolina Republicans had to cheat to win, still hanging in the balance.

“We’ve investigated this for a long time…” is an especially ironic statement coming from Kevin McCarthy, whose first run for GOP House leader imploded spectacularly three years ago after some inadvertent revelations about the five House GOP panels that spent four years and millions of dollars finding absolutely nothing about Benghazi.

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He quit that race just a couple of weeks after he admitted on Hannity’s propaganda program under softball questioning that the Benghazi hearings were nothing more than a political investigation aimed at hurting Hillary Clinton’s polling numbers, and after he was caught cheating on his wife with a female North Carolina House Republican representative.

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One would imagine that any American politician named McCarthy should be especially sensitive to the abuse of Congressional investigatory power due to the 1950s-era witch hunts named McCarthyism, after the misguided Wisconsin Senator who ruthlessly pursued and slurred suspected communists.

Amazingly, Sen. McCarthy’s attorney for those cruel proceedings, Roy Cohn, happens to be Donald Trump’s oldest mentor. Cohn died of AIDs in the mid-1980s after being disbarred and shunned by Trump for coming out of the closet. That didn’t stop President Trump from telling the New York Times this January, that he is desperate for a new Roy Cohn to emerge, but to no avail.

However, President Trump does love Kevin McCarthy for being both his fixer, friend and his “candy man,” after the California Republican told former Speaker Ryan in a tape-recorded meeting that he thought Trump and Putin’s favorite congressman Dana Rohrabacher were funded by Russia, then stuck to the unbelievable cover story that was just “a joke.”

House Minority leader McCarthy is never one to look reality too squarely in the face, though he does occasionally come up with some inadvertently prescient statements like his plaintive moan about lots of other – presumably GOP – lawmakers who would have to resign if campaign finance crimes were an impeachable offense. (see video below)

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So far that list would include Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) who goes on criminal trial for ten years worth of criminal campaign finance violations – including plane tickets for a bunny rabbit and hotel rooms for his mistress – and will face a federal district judge in September of next year.

Florida man and anti-porn crusader who likes porn on Twitter, Ross Spano, won the election in Florida’s 15th congressional district and hasn’t even been sworn in yet, but just admitted to $180,000 in illegal campaign contributions.

The Republican Party has a tremendous problem with cheating and public corruption, so much so that they’ve elevated a known cheater to the job of House Minority Leader because of his habit of toadying to monsters and covering-up is what their party is all about.

Watch Rep. Kevin McCarthy ominously mention that there could be many other GOP campaign finance criminals who have to leave Congress:

Grant Stern

Editor at Large

Grant Stern is a columnist for the Washington Press. He's also mortgage broker, writer, community activist and radio personality in Miami, Florida.

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