Trump just made a preposterous brag about the French protests in self-obsessed tweet


All hail ignorance!

The sanctification of idiocy is a defining characteristic of the Trump era, and the source of the president’s appeal to the kind of people who feel threatened by, rather than admiring of, those who possess greater intelligence than themselves. For that segment of the population, Trump offers great solace, since no one would ever think that his intellect is the source of the threat that he poses.

Trump’s latest set of tweets this morning offer further evidence of his mental incapacity for the role he has been so incompetently attempting to fill. So thoroughly imbued with erroneous analysis, his comments on the recent riots in France and their implications for environmental protection are a product of the president’s unique blend of willful ignorance and malicious intent.

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Notwithstanding the fact that Trump repeats the right-wing fake news trope that footage actually from Britain shows French protestors chanting “We want Trump!” in English, his attack on the Paris Climate Accord just a couple of weeks after his own administration issued a report from climate scientists re-emphasizing how dire an emergency the entire world faces due to excessive carbon emissions goes beyond dereliction of duty to cross over into criminal negligence, no matter whether his opinions stem from ignorance or from greed.

The president doubled down on his assault on the Paris Climate Agreement in a second tweet a few hours later, most likely synched to the recurrence of the topic in a Fox News report.


Only an audience as dumb as Trump himself would fall for the alluring buzzwords of “lower taxes” as a solution to a problem that will make the world increasingly uninhabitable or for his attempt to take credit for the fact that carbon emissions in the US. fell slightly last year, as they did through the majority of the Obama administration.

Anyone with half a brain would know that the air quality in 2017 was the result of the environmental policies enacted by the previous government, policies that the Trump administration spent most of the year rescinding to allow corporate polluters to increase their carbon emissions.

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Perhaps the French approach of passing the cost of crucial environmental reforms along to the consumer rather than forcing those corporations and oligarchs that profited from the destruction of the planet to bear the burden is indeed not the right way to address the issue. However, pretending that Paris Climate Agreement is a scam by third world countries to bilk America of money is just another example of Trump’s xenophobic paranoia and inability to grasp basic scientific principles.

For those acolytes of the president who read his tweets and actually believe what he says in them, they may as well be chanting “All hail ignorance! We want Trump!”

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