A conservative columnist just revealed that Congressional Republicans are quietly preparing to abandon ship

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After the long fever dream that is the Trump presidency, Republicans in Congress are finally waking up from their ecstatic hallucinatory reverie and realizing that Donald Trump may not last until the end of his term.

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At least that’s what long-serving conservative New York Times columnist David Brooks now believes according to statements he made on the PBS News Hour.

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Brooks pointed to the implications found in the sentencing memos issued yesterday by Special Counsel Robert Mueller for former Trump Organization lawyer Michael Cohen and former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort as eroding the confidence of Trump’s GOP congressional supporters that the president can survive the mounting onslaught of evidence against him.

“The sense you get is a lot of Republicans are looking at this White House, and they’re seeing an administration under a lot of judicial and legal threat and a lot under political threat, and they see a White House Counsel’s Office that is denuded of authority and people,” Brooks explained. “And then, what they call the membrane around Trump is failing, and the membrane is the group of people they put around Trump to protect him from himself. And over the years, the Hope Hickses of the world, and maybe in the next few days the John Kellys of the world are going and gone, and so you see a Trump unprotected from himself.”

Outside of the suggestion that Trump cover himself from head to toe in an extra-large condom that would prevent him from tweeting or speaking, it’s difficult to imagine how he could be protected from himself at this point when he’s already provided enough evidence of obstruction of justice to send anyone else besides a sitting president to prison for life.

Brooks comments raise speculation that the prospect of ridding themselves of the albatross hampering their chances of recovering from the disastrous results of the 2018 midterm elections may be a huge relief to some of the more prescient members of the Republican party.

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“You’re beginning to see a lot of Republicans who are looking seriously at 2019, with a lot of Fridays like this one, and Trump really hurting himself, and maybe not serving out the term,” Brooks said.

Two years into the Trump presidency is a long time for Republican Congressional leaders to come to the realization that the majority of Americans reached a long time ago: that the president is a danger not only to their party’s electoral success but to the continued existence of the nation as a functioning democracy.

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Trump’s wall of protection is crumbling as the truth about his campaign’s conspiracy to steal the election with Russian aid and to obstruct the investigations into that collusion begin to emerge detail by detail. When his own party starts to doubt his survival, a self-fulfilling prophecy may begin as Senators who will ultimately decide his fate in any eventual impeachment trial start to realize that attaching their own fates to Trump’s is like going swimming in the Mariana Trench with an anchor tied to their waists.

Watching Republicans scramble to get on the right side of history is almost as much fun as watching conservative columnists do the same.

You can watch a clip of New York Times columnist David Brooks on the PBS News Hour in the video below.

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Original reporting by Tom Boggioni at RawStory.

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