February 2, 2023

Special Counsel Mueller just released the results of Michael Flynn’s plea deal

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team just released a major pre-sentencing report for convicted former Trump National Security Advisor Gen. Michael Flynn in a Washington, DC court that reveals new details of his cooperation in the case against Russia’s 2016 election attacks. (embedded below)


Mueller’s latest memo details how Flynn has conferred with prosecutors 19 times in the last two years, providing key early assistance with obvious value, which is the why prosecutors are seeking zero jail time.

Much of the contents of Flynn’s pre-sentencing report about ongoing investigations were redacted in the public filing, but the addendum notes that Flynn had documents or evidence to back up his claims that gave material help to prosecutors in SCO’s criminal case and in the election attack investigation.

Now, Mueller has revealed that the chief utility of Flynn’s testimony was its timeliness, which enabled the Special Counsel’s office to obtain more firsthand cooperators quickly and he provided additional key insights as a former senior national security official.

The disgraced former Trump top NSA also served on the campaign and transition earned big bucks working illegally as an unregistered agent of Turkey during the latter times and lied to the FBI about it, in addition to his lies about dealings with Russia over sanctions.

Gen. Flynn also took $530,000 from representatives working with Turkey’s autocratic government after a coup attempt and performed tasks which required disclosure in a registration with the Attorney General. His work was part of a scheme to allow Turkey to extralegally kidnap an American permanent resident – like Jamal Khashoggi was – who is a cleric from Turkey.

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General Flynn contacted Russia about a vote about Israel in front of the UN during the end of the Obama Administration and he knew about Jared Kushner’s attempts to create a communications back channel with the Ambassador. The transition team also held an unusual meeting with Qatar’s foreign minister which was revealed in a court filing as part of a scheme involving a payoff to Flynn.

In the early days of the Trump Administration, Flynn lied to the FBI investigators repeatedly about the Russian contacts, leading courageous then-Acting Attorney General Sally Q. Yates to inform the White House Counsel that he was compromised by the Russians.

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Mysteriously, the Trump administration did nothing with that information, except to publicly dismiss Yates for refusing to publicly defend Steve Bannon’s first, unconstitutional Muslim Ban. By Valentine’s Day, President Trump was infamously busy ordering ex-Director, James Comey to “let Flynn go.”

Ironically, it looks like General Flynn is getting the soft landing that Donald Trump wanted for him after all, but now, it ever increasingly looks like the President will have to take the fall for him.

In contrast to the recent ‘burn notice’ termination of cooperation document that Robert Mueller’s team dropped about former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s cooperation, the government is so happy with General Flynn’s cooperation that they don’t mind him walking away scot-free, even before the criminal cases he helped build reach a conclusion.

Here’s a copy of the Gen. Flynn pre-sentencing memo:

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