New video just surfaced of students performing a racist Christmas jingle as their class laughs


The brazen racism that has seen a resurgence in America with the election of Donald Trump continues to churn out incidents of horrifying bigotry, many of which have ended up caught on camera. They run the gamut from overt, ingrained racism to a casual, more dismissive approach to racial politics, but they all have an undeniably destructive effect on the country.

Now, a high school in Dover, New Hampshire finds itself embroiled in a scandal with the release of a recent video filmed by students. In it, two white boys sing an original version of the Christmas song “Jingle Bells” in which the lyrics have been changed to racist exhortations and praise of the KKK, including a stomach-churning refrain where the boys sing, “Let’s kill all the blacks.”

The students performed the song in a U.S. history class that had been focusing on post-Civil War America. Throughout the clip, the laughter of the other students’ in class can be heard.

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“They were given an assignment to select some event during reconstruction and to make a jingle out of it,” the school district’s superintendent William Harbron explained. He also called the video “an incident of extreme racial insensitivity. While the incident was part of a classroom assignment dealing with the reconstruction period in American history, the impact was harmful.”

Harbron does not believe the students were motivated by legitimate racist malice and that technically they were fulfilling the assignment they had been given. The school is working to discern why the song was permitted to proceed, and Harbron added that if the teacher had vetted the proposed projects the racist jingle could have been prevented.

 It’s still unclear whether the students or the teacher will be hit with any kind of disciplinary action. The identities of the two singers will not be released by the school, presumably due to their age.


Watch below.

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Natalie Dickinson

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