A camera just recorded Trump privately insulting the entire G-20 summit as he wandered off stage


Just how much did President Donald Trump hate attending the G-20 summit meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina these last few days?

So much that he was heard saying aloud to an aide the same thing many people in America have been saying to themselves since his inauguration: “Get me out of here!”

According to the UK newspaper, The Independent, Trump made the comment as he walked off the stage at the end of the summit when he was supposed to be remaining on the stage for a group photo of the assembled world leaders.

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The sudden departure from the stage created an awkward moment for Argentine President Mauricio Macri who had been shaking hands with President Trump center stage and was expecting him to know he was meant to remain for the group photo.

Trump’s abrupt turn on his heels left the Argentine leader standing alone confusedly in front of the photographers on the stage as an aide scrambled after Trump to retrieve him for the photo opportunity. That’s when the president was heard to utter his plea of desperation to be taken anywhere except where he currently was.

Trump did not get his wish as quickly as he would have liked. He was convinced to return to the stage for the group photo before he got to exit the summit.


One has to wonder if it is the mounting toll of the Mueller investigation that has inspired Trump’s impatience for diplomatic niceties or simply his psychological unsuitability for the job of representing the United States on the international front that is the cause.

With the news this week of an additional guilty plea and cooperation agreement with the Special Counsel from his former personal lawyer Michael Cohen and the snagging of his former campaign chairman Paul Manafort in a double-dealing arrangement informing the president’s defense attorneys about his testimony in his plea deal with Mueller, the investigation is creeping ever closer to Trump and his family, and his lies are being exposed on multiple fronts.

All of which leads to a similar sentiment as that expressed by Trump himself, “Get him out of there!” — with the “there” in this case meaning the presidency.

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Original reporting by Zamira Rahim at The Independent.

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