The Dallas cop who killed a black man in his own apartment was just indicted by a grand jury


While often all too elusive in the United States, it appears that justice will be coming for at least one killer cop.

Former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger was indicted for murder on Friday afternoon by a grand jury for the shooting of 26-year-old Botham Jean in his own apartment in a police brutality case that left the nation outraged.

Guyger claims that she believed Jean was an intruder and that she had opened the door to her own apartment, which is one floor below Jean’s apartment, but two contradicting statements issued by Guyger and the Dallas Police’s efforts to ensure she had time to get her story straight — they waited three whole days before passing off the arrest for state police to make — indicate that something else is afoot here.

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“In the arrest warrant, Jean is said to have been across the room. In the search warrant, he answered the door” reports the Root. “It is also worth noting that the arrest warrant does not include the statements of any of the neighbors, some of whom said they heard a confrontation at the door before Jean was shot.”

Originally, Guyger stated that she thought that the apartment was her own and the door was locked but later argued that the door was unlocked and open, a claim that filmed tests of the self-closing apartment door mechanisms appear to debunk.

When coupled with the assertions by the Jean family lawyer, S. Lee Merrit, that several noise complaints were filed against Botham Jean’s apartment by the downstairs neighbor, Guyger, we can see that this looks much less like an “accident” and more like a disgruntled police officer abusing her power and murdering a black man because he inconvenienced her.


Guyger has since been fired from the Dallas Police force, but still has to face justice for her crimes.

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Colin Taylor

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