German police just raided the bank that’s been bankrolling Trump for decades


Donald Trump is having a terrible day. First, it was revealed that his former attorney Michael Cohen has struck a new plea deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, admitting in the process that he lied about Trump and his family’s involvement in a Russian business deal during the election. Then, the FBI and IRS raided the office of an attorney who handled Trump’s tax returns for 12 years.

Now, more bad news for Trump and his criminal cohort has landed. Common Dreams reports that Deutsche Bank’s headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany has been raided by authorities. CNN reports that some 170 police officers and tax investigators were involved in the operation, which should give some sense of the massive scale of the investigation.

The bank is well known for its close connections with Trump. Deutsche continued to lend him money even after his reputation for bankruptcy and general incompetence prompted most other banks to cease doing business with him. Business Insider reports that Trump has worked with Deutsche Bank for over two decades. Previous financial disclosures showed that Trump had an outstanding debt of $360 million with the bank prior to his election win.

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Today’s raid was related to an investigation into the now-infamous, expansive Panama Papers money-laundering scandal that broke in 2015. Numerous individuals, including two employees of the bank, allegedly failed to report over $350 million in laundered money that the bank sheltered in the British Virgin Islands. Over 900 clients of the bank hid money in the islands in 2016 alone.

Last year, Deutsche Bank was fined $600 million after it was discovered that the institution had helped launder roughly $10 billion in Russian dark money. The fact that Trump has been deeply entangled with the bank for over twenty years plus the fact that it is clearly a nexus of criminal behavior for Russian oligarchs and officials is just another massive piece of circumstantial evidence indicating that there was indeed collusion between the Trump campaign and Putin’s Russian Federation. Things are accelerating, and the full truth should emerge soon.



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Natalie Dickinson

Natalie is a staff writer for the Washington Press. She graduated from Oberlin College in 2010 and has been freelance blogging and writing for progressive outlets ever since.