February 7, 2023

Democrats just flipped a seat in the U.S. Congress that they thought they had lost

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Despite what Donald Trump and the rest of the Republican Party would like the American people to believe, the recent midterms were beyond any reasonable argument an absolute bloodbath for the GOP. In the end, there was indeed a massive blue wave, washing out conservative control of the House of Representatives despite widespread voter suppression and gerrymandering efforts engineered to hamper Democratic support.


What’s more, the scale of the Democrats’ victory has only grown since election night. Now, a race that was previously called for a Republican has transformed into a projected Democratic pickup. 

Incumbent Republican Representative David Valadao of California’s 21st district was leading his Democratic challenger T.J. Cox by roughly 4,400 votes on election night according to The Los Angeles Times, prompting some outlets to call the race in his favor. Since then, his lead has shrunk as more ballots have been counted in the intervening weeks.

On Monday, Cox finally pulled ahead by over 400 votes, prompting news organizations to uncall the race for Valadao. Now, The Fresno Bee reports that Cox’s lead is over 500 votes, meaning he is projected to win. Valadao has held the seat since 2013.

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With Cox’s triumph, the total number of House seats taken by Democrats this cycle rises to 40, a stunning number of losses for a president overseeing a seemingly healthy economy. The fact that the relative strength of American markets wasn’t enough to prevent widespread Republican losses is a sure sign that the American people detest their president and it bodes ill for Trump come 2020.

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Decision Desk HQ officially called the race for Cox now that the ballots from a county said to favor Valadao have been counted and failed to close the gap between himself and Cox. Decision Desk anticipates that the votes yet to be counted will maintain the margin, cementing the win for Cox.

Now that the country has made it abundantly clear that it wants Democratic oversight of the disastrous Trump administration, it’s up to the Democrats to play hardball. For the first time since Trump slithered into office, we have real power to oppose his destructive agenda. Anything less than a deluge of subpoenas from House Democrats digging into Trump and his corrupt cronies would be a dereliction of duty. The president should be very worried.

Natalie Dickinson

Natalie is a staff writer for the Washington Press. She graduated from Oberlin College in 2010 and has been freelance blogging and writing for progressive outlets ever since.

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